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Krazy Kat

In 1913 cartoonist George Herriman spun off the "Krazy Kat" comic strip from an earlier strip of his, "The Dingbat Family". The strip, which ran daily for the next thirty years, revolved around the unrequited love that Krazy Kat had for Ignatz, a mouse, who responded by throwing bricks at Krazy's head. Because of it's surreal visuals and creative use of language Krazy Kat was one of the first comic strips to be considered a "serious" work of art by critics.

Bill the Cat

Bill first appeared in Berkeley Breathed's comic strip Bloom County sometime in the 1980's and then again in his later work. Despite having a limited vocabulary consisting mostly of "Ack" Bill has had a number of adventures including both film and rock stardom as well as two unsuccessful runs at the presidency.

Bucky Katt

Bucky has been appearing daily in the comic strip Get Fuzzy since 1999. The strip follows the life of an advertising exec and his two pets, a sweet, good natured but dumb dog and Bucky, a selfish, mean, exploitive but ultimately self defeating tyrant of a Siamese cat.

B. Kliban

While Kliban's name is now synonymous with his cat images he had actually been drawing cartoons for Playboy Magazine for thirteen years before an editor there compiled his cat cartoons into the 1975 book "Cat" and launched a marketing juggernaut of Kliban Cat products.


Appearing in Scott Adams "Dilbert" comic strip Catbert is the evil director of human resources at a computer software company. Relying heavily on the medieval association of the cat and the devil (Catbert is colored red on Sundays) the cats main purpose is to make the other characters lives as miserable as possible.

Courageous Cat

In 1950 Bob Kane parodied his Batman and Robin creation with the children's TV cartoon crime fighting duo of Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse. Courageous parallels the Batman character to the hilt, driving the Cat Mobile, responding to the Cat Signal and living in the Cat Cave. Oddly, it's more likely that the 60's Batman TV show was based on this campy cartoon than on the original comic book character.

Fat Freddys Cat

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers was one of cartoonist Gilbert Shelton's late 60's era underground comix. The story revolved around three hippie stoner brothers one of whom was named Fat Freddy and had a cat. Of course since Fat Freddy's Cat was obviously smarter than the boys he ended up having his own self titled comic books later on in the '70's .

Fritz the Cat

Created by '60's underground comix artist and illustrator Robert Crumb "Fritz" is the X rated central character in a world populated by humanistic animals. The character later appeared in two feature length animated films, the X rated "Fritz the Cat" and "The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat"; much to Crumb's displeasure.


Heathcliff started life as a 1973 comic strip by George Gately. The strip follows the antics of the title character in his humorous quest for food, feline affection and acceptance in a hostile world filled with shop owners, fisherman, sanitation workers, milkmen and canines.


Launched as a comic strip in 1978 by Jim Davis, Garfield continues to appear in over 2,000 newspapers daily. The ubiquitous Garfield has had his own feature film, numerous books, cartoons, TV specials and stage shows. With his likeness on wrapping paper, beach towels, greeting cards and t-shirts Garfield's hard to miss. Oh yes, he likes to eat and sleep..... a lot. Very catlike that Garfield.

Orwell T Catt

Created by local cartoonist Phil Frank for his Farley comic strip, which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Orwell T Catt began life as the leader of the feral cat colony in Golden Gate Park testifying before the SF Parks Commission concerning the disappearance of songbirds in the park. He later went on to become Chief of Feline Security at The White House for the Clinton's cat, Socks.

Gary Larson

Larson created single panel cartoons under the title "The Far Side" for fifteen years until his retirement in 1995. While not primarily a cat cartoonist many of his panels featured felines as their central character(s).

Sylvia's Cat

Nicole Hollander has been chronicling the exploits of Sylvia and her cat for over thirty years in her comic strip and books. Her books of cartoons, "My Cat's Not Fat, He's Just Big Boned" and "Everything Here is Mine", speak to the issue of who is really the central character of the series.

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