Children's Books


A collection of children's fantasy novels first published by HarperCollins in 2003. The collection consists of four series of six books each that follow the adventures of four clans of wild cats living in the forest. The series has be written by several authors all under the pseudonym Erin Hunter. Besides the main series a number of graphic novels or "manga" have been published along with four longer format stand alone novels.

Skippy jon Jones

A series of children's picture books featuring a siamese cat that resembles a chihuahua. The book written by Judith Byron Schachner and published in 2003 by Dutton Juvenile has won several awards for children's books.

Cat in the Hat

This famous book by Dr. Seuss was first published in 1957 by Random House. The Cat in the Hat was so popular he went on to appear in six of Seuss's books, several animated TV incarnations, a live action feature film, a Broadway musical, an adventure park ride at Universal Studios and even his own smart phone app.

The Cats of Roxville Station

Young adult novel written in 2009 by Jean Craighead George and published by Dutton Juvenille. George, who is known for her naturalist style, tells a bittersweet the tale of a cat abandoned near a rail station trying to find it's way among feral cats, people and the suburban landscape.


This first young adult book by well known "adult" mystery writer Julie Smith is also her first to feature a talking cat. The 2011 Bold Strokes Books edition is a paranormal tale of "Bad Girl School", psychics, time travel, a Mayan curse, the aforementioned cat and more.

Nine Lives of Chloe King

This young adult series of three books by Celia Thomson aka Liz Braswell, published by Simon Pulse, takes place here in San Francisco and is about a girl who discovers she's part of a hybrid race of cat/humans when she loses the first of her nine lives on her sixteenth birthday. The books are the basis of the Tuesday ABC Family TV series by the same name currently in production.

Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat

An original folktale by well known Bay Area writer Amy Tan and illustrated by Grethchen Schields. This young children's reader, published by Aladdin in 2001, is set in Imperial China where the cats are employed as calligraphers. The popularity of the characters resulted in the production of a PBS Kids animated TV series of the same name.

Uncle Andy's Cats

Written and illustrated by James Warhola the story is based on his childhood family visits from his Pennsylvania home to his Grandmother Julia and famous artist Uncle Andy Warhol's Manhattan multi-storied home and art studio. This fictionalized version of the origins of Andy Warhol's well know book "25 Cats Name Sam and one Blue Pussy" is well illustrated with the cats running riot throughout the home and studio and a back drop full of Warhol's iconic pop images of soup cans, brillo boxes and film stars.